Xulzay Roix is a Forex trader and educator from Guinea who is studying Bachelor of Arts Business Studies (HONOURS) with the University of Wales Trinity Saint David, UK at Westminster International College Division of London School of Commerce, Malaysia. (2019)

            ROIX FOREX is recently created by Cherno Sulieman Abdul Jalloh A.K.A Xulzay Roix. He has started trading the Foreign Exchange Market for his first time in mid-2017 without any education of the Financial Instruments. Then after blowing up his first account, he decided to invest in Forex education which gave him a knowledge of the new industry that he found challenging for him.

            He is someone who likes exciting things and challenging things in his life. After his education of the Foreign Exchange Market with Julia Lambert, a team member of MaximusFX in the late 2017, the young man began a new career path. He did not realize what the first year of trading looks like. As a new trader, he started with high expectations in return after every single day but it did not work like that and then he blown up three more accounts including one demo in the next four months. Later he went broke and started given up on trading and that was the time when he realized that Mr. Market is never friendly and the way to survive in this industry starts by controlling his own emotions and not by only completing a Forex education.

            He started following successful traders on Instagram, subscribing to trading podcasts and on and on. Few months later, he got the mind-set of a trader, he started investing more and more on getting the knowledge from different successful traders. He got the patience that a trader needs, then he built his own strategy on demo account for seven months before he came back to the live account where he had to manage the real emotion behind winning and losing positions. He focused on four pairs which are his favourites: EURUSD, EURAUD, GBPJPY, GBPUSD plus Gold and Crude oil.

            By time flies, he decided to share what he knows with the people who are interested in trading the foreign exchange market. Today the advice he gives to new traders is to not rely on signal providers if you are willing to become successful trader and one must struggle to build his own trading strategy and be able to control his/her emotions.

            “All the world greatest traders have all walked the exact same way you are on right now”. (Nial Fuller)

            So, the purpose of this website is for sharing his knowledge of trading for FREE but please don’t forget that the Forex education is not enough for you to succeed in trading. In trading, remember that it is you against yourself and not you against Mr. Market.

            Xulzay Roix does share with you his entries on his Instagram page and through his telegram channel in which he sends alerts of monitoring.